Gadfly: SQL Relational Database in Python




To guarantee correct installation, please follow the following procedure. Of course you must have Python in order to use this package!

Note: this package requires python 2.1 or later. If your python2.1 is called something other than "python" then substitute it below (for example, on RedHat 6.x/7.x systems, python version 2+ is called "python2")

  1. If you've got gadfly installed already on your system, you may need to remove it since the packaging of gadfly has changed. Look in the site-packages directory of your python installation's "lib" directory.

  2. Unpack the package.

  3. Test: In the package directory, run the command:

    % python run_tests

    and all tests should pass.

  4. Install: In the package directory, run the command:

    % python

    This installs the code gadfly modules, and after this command, you're ready to go.

  5. If you wish to speed up gadfly, go to the kjbuckets directory and

    1. if you have a C compiler

      • run the command "python install"

      • the kjbuckets extenstion could compile and install

    2. if you're on windows,

      • cd to kjbuckets/<your python version>

      • copy the .pyd file to your python installation (c:python<version>)

    If you are using python 2.0, you will need to patch the gadly/ file with the patch in kjbuckets/2.0.